Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.
Romans 12:2




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Introducing Bible Prophecy

Embark on a cinematic journey shrouded in mystery with the ‘Kingdom Come Trilogy.’ Guided by celebrated historians and thought leaders such as David Asscherick and Professor Andrew R George, journey through majestic ancient empires, witness transformative power shifts, and decode enigmatic prophecies. Spanning from the golden epochs of yesteryears to mysteries echoing in today’s world, this trilogy is more than a historical saga—it’s an unfolding revelation. Dive deep, and let the whispers of the past resonate with the present.

Revelations Ancient Discoveries

Explore the incredibly accurate fulfilment of Bible Prophecy through Revelations Ancient Discoveries. This 25 easy-to-understand study guides take you through Prophecy in the Bible that was written over 1950 years ago.

1. Predictions for the 21st Century

In the introduction to this series of studies you will discover how God Himself claimed Bible Prophecy as an evidence that He is God and His word is sure.

2. Revelation's Biggest Surprise

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3. Greatest End Time Signs

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More topics in the series...

4. Star Wars: Battle Behind the Throne
5. Peace Maker
6. Source of Spiritual Power
7. Final Events
8. Revelation’s Most Amazing Prophecy
9. Revelation’s Final Judgement
10. Answer for Society’s Crumbling Values
11. Eternal Sign in Earth’s Last Conflict
12. Revelation Reveals History’s Greatest Hoax
13. Battle of Armageddon and the Seven Last Plagues
14. Revelation Reveals Deadly Delusions
15. Revelation’s Thousand Years of Peace
16. Lake of Fire
17. Revelation’s New Life
18. Revelation Unmasks the Cult Deception
19. Revelation Reveals Life at Its Best
20. Why So Many Denominations?
21. Revelation’s Last Appeal
22. Mark of the Beast Exposed
23. Revelation’s Movement of Destiny
24. Revelation’s Prophetic Movement at End Time
25. Prediction of Joy in Disappointment
26. Revelation’s World of Tomorrow

Are you interested in what Bible Prophecy reveals about the final scenes of earths history? Want to learn about

Bible Prophecy
Bible Prophecy

Secrets of Prophecy

Throughout this 24-part series you will be given the keys that unlock the secrets of Bible prophecy. As the future becomes clear, these prophecies will help you discover life’s purpose and answer some of life’s mysteries.

1. The Secrets of Prophecy

Explore how the purpose of prophecy is to cement our confidence in trusting God and the Bible which is His Word. Also investigate how to understand Bible prophecy, the benefits of knowing it, and the central character it all points to.

2. Who will Control the World?

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3. Signs of the Times

Study the signs in the Bible that God has provided as confirmation that Jesus is returning to earth soon to take His believers to the ultimate holiday destination: heaven.

More topics in the series...

4. How Will Ten World End?
5. The War Zone
6. Does God Care?
7. Steps to Spiritual Freedom
8. Mystery Man of Prophecy
9. Rebuilding the Temple
10. Inside the Lost Ark
11. Rest for the Soul
12. Symbol of the Sun
13. Who is the Antichrist (Part 1)
14. Who is the Antichrist (Part 2)
15. The Final Super Power
16. The Mark Of The Beast
17. Life After Death
18. Where on Earth is Hell?
19. 1000 Years of Peace
20. Buried Under Water
21. The Judgement
22. Why so many Churches
23. Living Life to the Full
24. The secret to Success

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The Unsealing of Daniel

Have you ever wanted to know what we can expect for the future? Curious to know how it will all end? The Bible Prophecy found in the book of Daniel traces trough history accurately foretelling the life and death of Jesus, ancient global superpowers and their successors and much more.

1. A Book of Atonement and Reconciliation

The name “Daniel” itself conveys hope, as it means “God is my Judge” or “God is my Vindicator.” In this prophetic book, we discover a message of redemption and reconciliation with God, a central theme that runs throughout every chapter. Through the advocacy of Jesus Christ as our High Priest, we find the atonement and judgment that cleanse and vindicate believers. Join us as we explore the book’s profound message of hope and restoration.

2. Captive Evangelism

Journey into the life of Daniel and his companions who were taken captive to Babylon. In their exile, we discover God’s sovereign plan and purpose, as He allowed His chosen people to be taken captive for their ultimate good. Despite the challenges of captivity, Daniel’s unwavering commitment to honor God serves as an inspiring example of devotion and faith.

3. God's Initiative for Atonement in History

In this captivating study, we delve into one of the most remarkable chapters in Scripture, where God’s divine intervention is on full display. Daniel 2 unveils a powerful dream that not only troubles King Nebuchadnezzar’s spirit but also sets the stage for an extraordinary encounter with God.

More topics in the series...

4. Standing for Truth
5. ‘Whatever It Takes’ Salvation
6. Atonement Rejected
7. Atonement Through Intercession
8. Kingdom Threatened and Triumphant, Part 1
9. Kingdom Threatened and Triumphant, Part 2
10. The Gospel Obscured
11. The Gospel Restored
12. Glory Dust
13. God Rules
14. Papal-US alliance in Prophecy
15. The Time of the End

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Bible Prophecy
Bible Prophecy

Unlocking Revelation

While the book of Revelation may initially seem shrouded in mystery, it is not a divine riddle but a revelation, a disclosure of profound truths for those who seek to understand its message. We’ll unravel the symbolic tapestry of this prophetic masterpiece, uncovering vital end-time truths that hold the key to our eternal destiny.

1. Revelation - A book of Open Secrets

Delve into the profound mysteries of the book of Revelation. Contrary to its reputation as an enigma, Revelation is intended to unveil essential truths about the future, given to us by God through the visions of John. As we explore its carefully organized content and navigate beyond the chapter divisions, we’ll discover a systematic and coherent revelation of prophetic events.

2. The Key That Unlocks Revelation

As we journey deeper into the book of Revelation, we’ll uncover a fascinating connection to the Old Testament scriptures, particularly the sanctuary service. Nearly three-quarters of Revelation’s verses contain references or allusions to these ancient texts, highlighting the significance of the sanctuary service as the key to understanding this prophetic book.

3. The Seven Churches, Prt 1

As we explore these seven churches, we’ll not only gain insights into their historical significance but also uncover the prophetic message they carry for the entire history of the Christian church. From the early apostolic church to the present day, each of these churches represents a distinct phase in the church’s journey, shedding light on the challenges, triumphs, and warnings that continue to shape our faith.

More topics in the series...

4. The Seven Churches, Prt 2
5. The Seven Churches, Prt 3
6. Peering Through Heaven’s Open Door
7. Mystery of the Sealed Book, Prt 1
8. Mystery of the Sealed Book, Prt 2
9. The 144,000 and the Great Multitude
10. Omens of the End, Part 1
11. Omens of the End, Part 2
12. The Bittersweet Book
13. The Two Witnesses
14. The War Behind All Wars
15. The Sea Beast and the Land Beast
16. Final Messages from Heaven
17. The Seven Last Plagues and Armageddon
18. The Woman and the Beast
19. Satan in Chains
20. New Heaven and New Earth

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Why Study Bible Prophecy?

From the words of Jesus, “And now I have told you before it happens, so that when it happens, you may believe” – Jn 14:29. Discovering the accuracy of Bible Prophecy helps the bible student trust the other promises of Gods Word.

Grow your Trust in God
Discover Authenticity of the Bible
Prepare for Earth's Final Conflict


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