Bible Study On Forgiveness

Hate and bitterness can be like a prison, trapping us in a cycle of pain and anger that only serves to harm us. When we hold onto resentment and refuse to forgive those who have wronged us, we’re the ones who suffer the most – not the person who hurt us. 




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Forgiveness – Part 1

This series takes an in-depth look at the principles of forgiveness and invites you to intentionally shift your perspective from victim to victor by letting go of your grievance story and instead taking responsibility for your life and your future. You will be happier and healthier as you move forward in life with a Forgive to Live attitude!

1. My Life is Your Fault

When life isn’t fair, we are left with two choices: to blame or to forgive. Blame focuses on the bad, but forgiveness heals your life! Learn how to forgive so you can live life to its fullest.

2. Living Rent-Free in Your Head

Our lives are largely the result of stories we tell ourselves. The test of genuine forgiveness is not whether you remember a hurtful event, but how you remember it. Learn how to take charge of your own story to experience freedom for the future.

3. Choosing Forgiveness

Forgiveness doesn’t happen by chance. It’s an active choice – a decision you make. Learn how to be in control of your own emotions and actions.

More topics in the series...

4. Reframing The Past
5. From Bitter to Better
6. Personal Forgiveness

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Forgiveness Bible Study

Forgiveness – Part 2

Forgiving each other is a response to God’s love for us and it does wonders for our physical, emotional and spiritual health. This series will demonstrate the importance of forgiveness by exploring the numerous positive benefits that come from choosing to accept forgiveness and paying it forward by forgiving others.

1. Who's to Blame?

We always have a choice to blame or to forgive. Learn how to quit the blame game for good.

2. What Forgiveness Feels Like

What does it feel like to be truly forgiven? Learn about God’s incredible love for you and what that means for your life.

3. Choosing Forgiveness

Why do we need forgiveness? Learn how to choose to accept the gift of forgiveness, and how to extend forgiveness to others.

More topics in the series...

4. Seeing the Bigger Picture
5. Living A New Life
6. Getting Personal with Forgiveness

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Don’t allow the brokenness, hurts and pains of your past control your future. Discover the power of forgiving yourself, others & being forgiven by God. 

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