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Welcome to our Health and Wellbeing series, where you’ll find a collection of study guides to empower your journey towards improved physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Dive into a world of self-discovery and transformation as you explore holistic approaches to health and personal development. Simply fill out the registration details below for full access to our study guides on health and wellbeing. Already registered? Simply sign in using your login details below.

Living Well

This series of 13 booklets provide an in-depth, yet easy-to-follow guide to improving your health and wellbeing through a wholistic approach. They unpack the major health issues currently facing the western world and provide helpful tips to avoid them. Be encouraged to make some simple changes that are guaranteed to have a lasting positive impact on your health and wellbeing.

1. Living Well

Discover the Stages of Behaviour Change as this knowledge forms the basis for lasting improvements to health. Also learn about the importance of healthy eating, exercise, water, sleep, sunshine, mental health, fresh air and mind-body awareness.

2. Good Eating

They say ‘You are what you eat’! Discover why healthy eating is so important and the main food groups our body needs to meet its nutritional needs. Examples of standard serves for each food group are conveniently provided to get you started!

3. A Healthy Heart

Learn about common cardiovascular diseases, what causes them, and how to reduce your risk and avoid becoming a casualty of the western world’s biggest killer.

More topics in the series...

4. Sugar Issues
5. The Silent Killer
6. Plants & Fats
7. Staying in Control
8. Moving Well
9. Less is More
10. Water & Sleep
11. Sunshine & Bugs
12. Feeling Good
13. Living in Freedom

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Bible Studies For Kids

Taking Charge of Your Life

This series of 7 Bible study booklets will help you to take charge of your life, improving your mental health and wellbeing. Using insights from practical psychology, life skills, motivational and biblical perspectives to assist you in your personal and professional development. Topics include purpose, relationships, feelings, addictions, success and choices.

1. Purpose

This booklet will help you to look again at what life is all about for you—your direction, goals and unique set of talents. It will also help you discover the importance of building your purpose on the positive premise of love and its values.

2. Relationships

This booklet looks at the principles essential to the building of quality relationships whether it be business, social or romantic. You will enjoy the focus on practical skills while exploring the many facets of one of our most fundamental needs.

3. Feelings - Part 1

Discover skills for understanding and managing emotions, including how to identify and express feelings appropriately, and techniques for coping with stress and anxiety.

More topics in this series...

4. Feelings – Part 2
5. Addictions
6. Success
7. Choices

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Bible Prophecy

Bible Prophecy

Throughout the scriptures, God defined Himself as the God who reveals the end from the beginning. Discover Bible Prophecy and its fulfilment.

Health and Wellbeing

Our physical, emotional and spiritual health are some of the most important elements of our lives. Discover biblical principles how to enhance yours today.

Family and Relationships

Don't leave chance to determine the success of your personal relationships. Discover time tested bible based principles for healthy family relationships.

Bible Studies For Kids

Help your child develop their character and resilience with these easy to understand timeless Bible Studies for Kids of all ages.


Don’t allow the brokenness, hurts and pains of your past control your future. Discover the power of forgiving yourself, others & being forgiven by God. 

All About Jesus

Discover the sublime realities available to all through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Deepen your relationship with God revealed through Jesus.

Bible Study Topics

Topical Bible Studies

Don't leave chance to determine the success of your personal relationships. Discover time tested bible based principles for healthy family relationships.

How to Pray

How To Pray

Delve into the spiritual discipline of communication with the God. Deepen your connection with God and enrich your spiritual journey.

Online Bible Study

Live Online Sessions

Online Community

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Are there any online Bible Studies?

The team at Australia's Online Bible Study Centre offer a wide selection of online Bible Studies for the whole family. We offer downloadable PDF Bible Studies for Kids, Studies on Bible Prophecy and studies on Health and Wellbeing. We also have live Bible Studies Online where you can join an online bible study community.

Are Bible Studies good?

The best bible studies are the ones that you do most. Whether you're studying the Bible yourself with a concordance and multiple translations or simply reading a book of the bible slowly, deeply thinking about each verse - all Bible Study is good. New to studying the Bible, or looking to deepen your understanding? Try selecting one of our Bible Study Topics.

Are there bible studies couples can do together?

There are Bible Studies couples can do together in our Family and Relationships section. Here you will find an awesome series of studies on relationships and another series on parenting. If your looking to bring Jesus into the centre of your relationship and experience the blessedness of walking together with Him, these study guides are a must!

Are there Bible Studies for kids?

We have some fantastic Bible Studies for kids available. Designed to help your Children know Jesus more and grow in wisdom and resilience, your children will love these studies.


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