How To Pray

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Welcome to our Prayer series, where we offer insightful guidance and practical tips on ‘How To Pray’ and ‘What is Prayer.’ Whether you’re new to prayer or seeking to deepen your spiritual practice, our resources are tailored to support your journey in developing a more profound connection with prayer. From understanding the essence of prayer to utilizing a ‘Prayer Journal’ for reflection and growth, our study guides are designed to enhance your prayer experience. To access our comprehensive collection of prayer-focused resources, please complete the registration form below. If you are already a member, you can easily log in with your existing details.

How To Pray

This prayer study series delves into the core elements of a fulfilling spiritual practice – understanding the essence of ‘What is Prayer,’ learning ‘How To Pray,’ overcoming challenges in spiritual growth, effective communication with the divine, and deepening one’s faith. Providing practical tips and reflective insights, these guides are an essential resource for anyone looking to enrich their prayer life and foster a deeper connection with their spiritual journey. Through thoughtful exploration and the use of a ‘Prayer Journal,’ these booklets are an invaluable investment in your spiritual wellbeing and growth.

1. What's prayer about anyway?

Explore the essence of communication with the divine in our series ‘What’s Prayer About Anyway?’. Designed for those curious about their connection with God, this course offers a personal, pressure-free journey of discovery. You’ll learn about prayer, how to talk to God, and how He speaks to you. Open to all, regardless of faith, this series is based on a Christian perspective with the Bible as a guide.

2. Please, show me!

Discover the essence of prayer in ‘Please, Show Me!’, exploring Jesus’ teachings on prayer through the Lord’s Prayer. Found in Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4, this series reveals how to use this prayer beyond mere recitation, encouraging a deeper, personal understanding and application in your own prayer life.

3. Who am I talking to?

“Who Am I Talking To?” is a study exploring the existence and nature of God in a world divided by belief and skepticism. It contrasts the vivid spiritual experiences in developing countries with the scientific skepticism of the western world, inviting a re-examination of our understanding and connection with the spiritual realm.

More topics in the series...

4. What’s in a name?
5. The King is on His throne
6. Your way or my way
7. Doing it tough in hard times
8. Really forgiven?
9. Lord, I don’t want to go there
10. From the bottom of my heart

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How to pray
How to pray

How to Pray? What is prayer?

Prayer is more than reciting words; it’s a heartfelt conversation with the divine. It’s where we express our deepest hopes and seek spiritual guidance. Investing in understanding and practicing prayer, like we do with family relationships, can be transformative. Discover the enriching power of prayer through Bible-based principles. Start your journey today and experience the profound impact of prayer in your life.


Bible Prophecy

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Don't leave chance to determine the success of your personal relationships. Discover time tested bible based principles for healthy family relationships.

How to Pray

How To Pray

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Are there any online Bible Studies?

The team at Australia's Online Bible Study Centre offer a wide selection of online Bible Studies for the whole family. We offer downloadable PDF Bible Studies for Kids, Studies on Bible Prophecy and studies on Health and Wellbeing. We also have live Bible Studies Online where you can join an online bible study community.

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The best bible studies are the ones that you do most. Whether you're studying the Bible yourself with a concordance and multiple translations or simply reading a book of the bible slowly, deeply thinking about each verse - all Bible Study is good. New to studying the Bible, or looking to deepen your understanding? Try selecting one of our Bible Study Topics.

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There are Bible Studies couples can do together in our Family and Relationships section. Here you will find an awesome series of studies on relationships and another series on parenting. If your looking to bring Jesus into the centre of your relationship and experience the blessedness of walking together with Him, these study guides are a must!

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We have some fantastic Bible Studies for kids available. Designed to help your Children know Jesus more and grow in wisdom and resilience, your children will love these studies.


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